We know it’s not an easy job and it often feels like a thankless one, but we are grateful for your hard work and dedication.

You work even on holidays to keep our servers up and running — a quality time which could have been spent with your family. You are alert 24/7/365 to make sure everything is working fine for everyone — you never even thought about going out of town and fish or hike.

You are always there to update our software to help us work much faster. When someone spills their coffee on the keyboard, instead of getting mad or angry, you replace and clean them.

When our mouse is broken and we can’t click the send button for our client emails to deliver our stuff, you let us use yours because you have mastered desktop navigation using only your tab key.

You keep us connected to the world while protecting us from spammers, hackers, crackers, viruses, malware, and even from being electrocuted. You are always with us when all else fails.

We can all sleep soundly at night because we know our files won’t be compromised or lost. We are always confident at work because we know you always have our back-ups — you help us reach the cloud.

We are happy we have people like you in our team and all our success wouldn’t be possible without you.

Thank you for always being there, especially when we need you the most.