The High Cost of a Bad Hire and Why You Need Recruiters’ Help

Poor hire costs you more than time and energy - they disrupt business in multiple ways. And the effects can be more adverse for small and medium-sized businesses. Making poor hiring decisions is not uncommon. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, around 75% of the employer respondents said...
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7 Reasons Your Best Employees Are Leaving You

Every HR manager and C-suite executive knows it is tough to hold on to good employees. What’s more challenging is that when you do make mistakes, the best ones are the firsts to go, because they have the most options. In a survey by CEB, it was revealed that one-third of star employees are...
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Sysgen Philippines Marks Its 26th Year in the Staffing Industry

MAKATI, PHILIPPINES, February 18, 2017- Systems Generators (Sysgen) Philippines, Inc., the premier I.T. staffing and I.T. recruitment provider in the Philippines, is celebrating,26 years of best practice I.T. staffing and recruiting solutions to organizations in the Philippines and abroad. Founded...
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7 Reasons Why You Should Still Look for a Job during the Holidays

It’s getting colder. The nights are getting brighter.  Ah, the holidays -- a time to rejoice, be merry, and enjoy a well-earned break until the new year. And, what a time to hunt for a job! Wait. Job-hunting? During the holidays? Are you serious? Does it make sense to search for a job during the...
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7 Steps to Take to Prepare for A New Career Comes New Year

A new year is usually full of promises, of new hopes, of new journeys to make. For some, a new year is an ideal time to find a new hobby, to learn new stuff, or even to start a new career, for after making New Year’s resolutions, many are still fresh with enthusiasm and are ready to make changes...
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SysAdmin Appreciation Day

We know it’s not an easy job and it often feels like a thankless one, but we are grateful for your hard work and dedication. You work even on holidays to keep our servers up and running -- a quality time which could have been spent with your family. You are alert...

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6 of the Biggest Fears of a Programmer

Programmers are the awesome people behind the applications we love so much – from Google, our ever-reliable savior, to our smartphone’s favorite photo editing app, our ever-dependable instant beauty hack. They are one of the most in-demand professionals in the world...

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