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The New Norm: Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Integration?

The School of Life defines work-life balance as the summation of a perfectly optimal career plus a perfectly optimal home-life. It revolves around the assumption that we are two people (or two roles): our professional role and our personal role. These two should never meet inside the workplace,...
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How to Choose the Best Recruitment Firm – As a Candidate

Last time we talked, we discussed whether one should use a recruitment firm to find a job or not. We established the fact that recruitment/staffing/employment firms are a thing of the present as more and more employers are turning to them for help. Moreover, for technical positions like IT and...
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Should You Use a Recruitment Firm to Find a Job?

Most of my contemporaries have expressed negative impressions about using recruitment or staffing firms in finding a job (they are technically called recruitment agencies, or employment agencies). Indeed, job seeking through recruitment or staffing firms qualifies under the many contentious topics...
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4 Negative Traits That Can Also Be Good For You

The early bird catches the worm, they say. That’s true. But sometimes, the second mouse gets the cheese. For the hapless first mouse ended up getting trapped in its effort to get ahead. We grew up being told that we would never amount to anything if we were lazy,...