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3 Little-Known Facts About Job Interviews

In December 2014, a study from Chapman University asked Americans ‘what they fear the most.’ Guess what the study revealed?

Among getting caught in a surprised terror attack, having your identity stolen, was public speaking or simply ‘speaking in front of other people’. Shocker?

Imagine – among the Top 5 Fears of the American public is speaking in front of people. And, I guess the same thing can be said about the general population of the world.

Interviews are similarly frightening. It’s also a form of ‘speaking in front of other people’ – inquisitive people at that (and that makes interviews more frightening). And the best way to ace an interview, they say, is to prepare for it.

But how do you prepare for it exactly?


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The Recruiters’ Secrets: What the Recruitment Industry Isn’t Telling You

Here’s a fact: Job search is daunting. Preparing your job hunt kit alone requires tremendous diligence – researching about prospective employers, building a clear, concise, and compelling personal brand through your resume, portfolio, and cover letter, and of course, preparing for examinations and interviews.

There’s a lot of anxiety on the part of the applicant during the job search, and the hiring process itself. Upon submitting your resume online, you begin to worry if your resume will stand out or not, or how long the process is going to take, or how soon you should follow up. As a friend of mine once said, “Okay lang ma-seenzone ako ng crush ko, ‘wag lang sa application sa trabaho.” (more…)

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The Fresh Grad’s Job Application Starter Kit

Congratulations to the fresh graduates! You are now free from nerve-racking recitations, lengthy papers, and torturous examinations. But of course, you are now officially unemployed, and a member of the 9.1 million Filipinos who are looking for jobs.

Are you ready to face the ‘real life’?

Are you ready to take on the challenges of job hunting?

I know you are anxious about this whole ‘facing-real-life’ thing. Kalma lang. Over 11 months ago, I was in your shoes, too. The transition might not be smooth, and a little bit scary, but you’ll get through it. I promise. (more…)

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6 Company Facts to Research Before An Interview

We are sure you’ve been through a number of job interviews in the past, and somehow, you know how to do your homework before the interview – knowing what you are getting into.

Although it’s given that every candidate ought to research about the company they’re applying to before an interview, it’s a little unclear what to look for! Without direction, a candidate might drown in too much data. And the ugliest part about research without direction is that you could end up drowning in irrelevant information – information that won’t help you get the job!

Before we get down to our business for the day, let’s get into the head of the hiring team who will decide your fate as a job applicant. (more…)

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The Perfect Job Description: The One That Hooks Job Seekers

Job seekers today, especially the millennials (millennial here!), are exacting, picky, and choosy. But it seems to lack sense, right? The job market is becoming more and more competitive. Can job seekers really afford to be picky?

Well, it seems so. Job applicants have become more dainty about job posts and job descriptions. This does not mean they don’t want to work, no not at all. It seems that when they are searching for jobs, they are more likely to skip job posts that are not at par with their pre-determined set of standards and requirements that a job must potentially fulfill, and then they’ll just keep looking.

Is it really necessary to give job seekers what they want, after all, it’s them who needs you? Well, to some extent it’s true they need you, but you have to face the fact that you need them, too. What if the best possible candidate for your vacancy saw your job post but lost interest because the job post lacks the information he needs. In other words, your job description sucks.

Truth be told, 99% of job descriptions you can find online are painfully long and boring – that’s bad news. But that’s good news, too! It means there is enough room to stand out (at least in terms of job descriptions), and hook any job seeker who gets to see your job posts.

So, how exactly do you do that? Take a look at this excellent examples from LinkedIn, and then we’ll break them down to the fundamentals, and see if we can come up with basic principles or guidelines for writing job descriptions. (more…)

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