At Sysgen, we work hard; we play hard. And, we party, too!

It has been Sysgen’s tradition to celebrate a great year and to welcome a promising new one with its employees, consultants, and partners. On December 12, 2015, Sysgen held its Prom Night 2015 at El Cielito Hotel in Makati City. 

The night was graced by Sysgen’s best loved consultants, employees, and partners. Present were Sysgen’s mother and father, CEO Jimmy Roa, and Vice President Katrina Roa.


PILLARS. Sysgen CEO Jimmy Roa (L) with his better half, Sysgen Vice President for Accounting and Administration Katrina Roa.


The evening’s highlights were music, dance, and games. After the dinner, the night was jump-started with a raffle draw, and then with a game, and finally, a dance competition.



You can only imagine how talented we are.


HEARTTHROB. Paolo Lazam, Sysgen’s IT consultant assigned at Sanofi, wowed everyone with his stunning performance.

Really talented.


HEARTTHROB? Philip Udarde’s shining moment as he performs with his group during the night’s dance competition.

We’ll defy gravity just to give you our best.


SLAY LIKE A QUEEN. Jerry Belialba’s breathtaking routine as he performs with his group during the dance off.

And Queen B must admit….




Sysgen’s special guest, Children’s Joy Foundation, also offered the crowd a heart-warming performance.

YOUNG, SWEET, AND ADORABLE. Kids from the Children’s Joy Foundation offered the crowd a wonderful performance.

Of course, a Prom Night is not a prom night without a Prom King and Queen.


KING AND QUEEN. Sysgen Prom Night 2015’s Prom King Paolo Lazam, dances with his Prom Queen Deceree Sesbreno.

And in a prom night, there’s always gonna be a lot of photo ops, and they’re fun!




For the men and women of Sysgen, it was truly a night to remember. What better way to celebrate the Yuletide season than with good friends, and with a great company.

And as we welcome a new promising year, we wish everyone of you a wonderful holiday season.