What’s your dream guy like?

Lemme guess.

Hmm… He probably looks like Johnny Depp.

No, probably Brad Pitt?

Whether he looks like Johnny or Brad, he probably looks cool like them. He’s got the swag, so to speak. It’s no surprise most girls like guys with bulging biceps, and six defined abs, it’s the typical dream guy after all. Right?

But there is this different kind of guy who’s equally cool, although untypical. You may say, unorthodox, exotic, or whatnot. They are the ones who like to work in the dark, and barely see the sun (‘coz they’re so into what they are doing), or hardly gets noticed in the crowd (not that they love being in one).

Who are they?

Well, they are ones behind the selfie apps you love, the boredom-killer games you root for, and the dating apps you use to find your Mr. Right.

They are our programmers and developers.

They may be untypical or detached from your idea of an ideal man, but I am giving you the reasons you’ll love a guy who writes codes.

1. They know at least 2 different languages (I mean programming language).

A study said intelligent men are more attractive to women. A guy who can write and understand codes is surely a smart ass. You will be surprised how they can command a machine to display or tell “Hello, You are my World” in many sweet ways. If you will look at their work, you will be amazed how they can write such long complex lines. What more if they are sending you love letters, “Good morning!”, and “Goodnight!” messages?

2. They can fix complicated problems (They live for it!).

There are problems in this world that we do not know we have but they know. And before we knew we have a problem, they already have a solution for it. Their work is more of making our life easier by creating user-friendly web and mobile apps and software. Their work is complicated but they hate complexity so they find ways to make things simple. So when it comes to love they already know how to lessen the drama and complexity.

3. They are the ones who can truly stay awake while you sleep.

They have evolved to become the type of humans who can stay awake all night with just a cup of coffee. They enjoy working when the world has gone quiet. They know all too well their craft requires the greatest attention to detail. They cannot afford a single error or a bug bugging their programs (no pun intended there).

You can rest assured that when you are sleeping, nothing else is keeping ‘em busy. Just their codes. Heh! And, you must know that they will always notice you and look after you because why not? They can put up with codes, how much more with a lovely one like you? Right?

4. They can always be with you wherever you want.

Unlike others who need to be in the office 8 hours a day, they can always do their work using their laptop and bring it wherever you wish to go.

A date in the park? No problem! How about the beach? Sure! No problem. Just give’em hammocks! Movie dates? Well… umm, laptops aren’t allowed inside the theaters, right? They’ll probably rain check on that.

But you see, you can have more fun with ‘em than your office boy.

5. They are late bloomers.

Some of them are nerds and geeks that just need some retouch and haircut to expose their handsome look. You will always be surprised how good they are if they dress well. There is a saying that many girls are looking for their Spider-Man, but always ignore Peter Parker.

6. They can solve compatibility issues.

Looking for the perfect combination? Worry not, compatibility is a big thing among programmers.

Why? It’s because, like hardware and software tools, they believe that for us to make full use of each other’s features (I am not talking about any other features, ayt?) we need to fit and complement each other.

But don’t worry, because if something is wrong, they will work to fix it, even if it means no sleep for them; they are willing to sacrifice. Isn’t that comforting?

7. They are thinkers and learners.

The industry where they are working is a fast changing place. They were trained to quickly adapt and be flexible for all the latest trends and updates. They do this by learning from user-experiences. They are always on the lookout for what their programs’ end-users want or need. They always love feedback.

In other words, they are full of innovative ideas and they are always mindful of what you need and want. For sure they would love to talk with you about different things and also learn from your own perspectives. You will never have a dull moment together.

8. And lastly, they are not players.

Many women today are looking for a faithful and loyal partner — someone they can trust and lean on for the rest of their life. Well. programmers and developers can be a good catch because they are the game changers in this world full of players. They change things and they push the technology forward. They don’t play around. They’re serious about their stuff and they work hard to push things forward, for the better. They never settle for less.

So, would you?


Disclaimer: I am speaking from a man’s perspective. I do not intend to be sexist or something. 😉