As you decide on a college major and/or a career, do not be misled by common misconceptions and learn to discern which are facts from myths.:

MYTH: “I have no idea what I want to do.  Something is wrong with me.”

REALITY: This is perfectly normal. Many college students don’t have a clear idea of what major they want or what career to pursue. With proper research, support, and guidance, you can make decisions that are right for you.


MYTH: “There is only one career path for me.”

REALITY: Career contentment does not necessarily have to be clear cut and singularly focused on one profession or one job. For example, if you are an artist and yet find you are more adept in Information Technology, you could be happy as a web designer or a graphic artist.


MYTH: “If I choose a major or a career, I have to stick with it forever.”

REALITY: Most majors groom you for a range of careers. When you compound the skills you will learn in your major with others you will gain from full-time work, internships, and other activities, you will have the ability to shift directions. Most people have numerous careers and jobs during their employment lives.


MYTH: “I will fail if I make the wrong choice.”

REALITY: You only fail when you do not adapt or change when necessary. If you realize a major or career choice is not right for you, change it.


MYTH: “Contentment is impossible without a stellar career.”

REALITY: Career can be a major source of satisfaction in life, but it is not everything. Sometimes a job simply produces money so that you have time and energy for the things that matter to you.


MYTH: “There is an expert who can advise me on what to do with my life.”

REALITY Only YOU know what’s best for yourself. There are people you can rely on for support, but in the end, you still make your own decisions. Career Consultants can help clarify what your skills, interests, personality, or decision-making patterns are. Based on your individual situation, the consultant may suggest an assessment to help give you a clear picture. But no test or expert knows YOU better than you do.


MYTH: “I will not be competent enough to do anything with a liberal arts degree.”

REALITY: You will be more qualified than most: the skills you develop in a liberal arts curriculum—communication, human interaction, analysis, and flexibility—are those most desired by employers.


MYTH: “I just need a little more information before I can make a decision.”

REALITY: Although it’s important to make a well-informed decision, sometimes people are immobilized because they think that no matter how significant the information they have gathered, it is not enough. They leave everything open-ended and put off making a decision. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Gather enough information about your major or career choice and make a decision. But realize that even after you have made a decision, you may still be able to collect more information and evaluate whether it was the right one.