We’ve been talking about writing and formatting a resume, and it’s pretty clear that drafting an impressive resume is much more difficult than we think.

Indeed, writing the resume is the first challenge, but it’s more than just filling in the blank spaces with your credentials, your achievements, and your skills, you’ve got to make it look as clean and classy as possible. And there, my friend, is the second challenge – format and design. Indeed, itt takes more than just writing it. It has to look good and pop out, too!

Your Microsoft Office Word comes with free templates for various documents including resumes. But, these MS templates are quite boring and not so noteworthy. Your resume is supposed to help you stand out and get noticed by the hiring manager. Aside from the content itself, looks matter, too.

But you might say: “Wait, I’m not that creative, and I don’t know how to manipulate layouting applications.” Well, you don’t have to learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Sketch to come up with an impressive resume – well, at least not necessarily. We searched the internet for classic, creative, and clean resume templates. We’ve found a few good ones.


1. Goldfish Bowl by Hloom

This resume is minimalist – simple, transparent, and clean. This is best for when applying for a corporate job.


Free, Available as DOCX file. Download the template.

2. Blues by Primer Magazine

This template is minimalist but a little bit creative – creative enough to make your resume pop out. You can change the theme color to whatever you like.


Free, Available as DOC file. Download the template.

3. Easy Elegance by Tidy Forms

This is a clean and refreshing template. This is a good template as this can probably make recruiters feel a little bit refreshed!


Free, Available as DOCX file. Download the template.

4. Ivy League by Hloom

Simple and straightforward. This is ideal for scientific or engineering professionals.


Free, Available as DOCX file. Download the template.

5. Time-Honored by Hloom

This templates thin divider lines and bold headings are great for blocking sections. This formatting is also the universal layout for corporate, creative, or labor industry professionals.


Free, Available as DOCX file. Download the template.

Going Creative

For creatives (designers, photographers, writer, etc.), your resume should reasonably be creative as well. And, because creative professionals are creative individuals, I bet you can manage Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (Ai), and InDesign. So, here are some creative, bold, and fun templates (PSD and Ai templates).

1. Modern Swiss Style by Cursive Q Designs


Free, Available as Photoshop PSD file. Download the template. 

2. Cool and Clean by Creative Booster

Showcase your work by using it as a header. If you are a photographer or a graphic designer, that header is your spot to showcase your creativity.


Free, Available as Photoshop PSD and Ai file. Download the template. 

3. Sleek by The Meraid


Free, Available as Photoshop Ai file. Download the template.

4. Iconic Fun by Hloom


Free, Available as DOCX file. Download the template.

5. Minimalist by Ahmed Seneina


Free, Available as PSD file. Download the template.


These templates may not be super fancy, but these are a notch better than those MS Word resume templates. Download them for free and customize them according to your liking.

And, you’re welcome!

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