I think we all know a recruiter in some way or another. I work with a lot of them, I have close friends from college who are also recruitment associates at executive search firms in Manila, and you probably know one, too – whether it is a friend, a family member perhaps, or an acquaintance from college.

It’s not a secret, too, that recruitment doesn’t always have the best reputation. Some think recruiters are dishonest. Others say recruiters are a waste of time, that they are insincere and that they do not really care whether you get the job or not. Hell, even Google Search has got a lot of bad things to say about recruiters. Go on, try it.

But having worked in the industry for almost two years now, I genuinely believe that recruiters do a lot more good than bad. They are among of the most hardworking people I’ve met and, yes, they do care whether you get the job or not and they would even go out of their way and help you prep up to ensure you get it. They go to work every day thinking about other people going to work. They always think about fit and match.

If you come to think about it, recruiters are like matchmakers. They find a job for the right candidate, or they find candidates for the right job.

They vet and screen candidates and conduct preliminary interviews, which in my opinion is a lot like dating. You go on a first date, but then there’s no interest from either or both sides. So, you won’t meet again. Other times, it leads to a second date, then another, and then into a long-term relationship. 

But how do you think they fare when the tables are turned? And if interviewing is like dating, and recruiters are always interviewing in some form or another, why would someone not want to date a recruiter?

So, today, I am giving you a number of reasons to date recruiters.

1. Recruiters love to socialize.

It’s a guarantee: You will never get bored with them around. Recruiters are social creatures. They are not afraid to approach and talk to people. They don’t mind the crowd, too. So, you can expect dinners, music events, shows, and a busy social calendar. That would perfectly be fine with a recruiter!

2. Conversations are easy with a recruiter.

Recruiters are supposed to be good with people. And they are! They can bond with people in a short space of time. You will never run out of stuff to talk about! And also, there’s no time for that awkward silences during your first date.

3. Recruiters love all forms of communication.

Do you hate it when your special someone ignores you on Facebook, or when they don’t respond to your text messages and calls? Worry not, recruiters love communication. You will always be in touch. You can expect to have a very active phone once you start dating a recruiter.

4. Recruiters tend to give plenty of compliments.

They are observant and happy to give you a little confidence boost when you least expect it. 

5. Recruiters see the best in people.

Rest assured that all your positives will be noticed. Recruiters are good at seeing the best in people; that’s what they do every day, after all. 

6. Recruiters know how to listen.

They may struggle to talk about themselves, but they are excellent at keeping you talking. After all, finding out about people is what they do! And while you are at it (talking), they will intently listen to you. They are excellent listeners. But a word of caution, though: They are excellent at reading between the lines, as well. They know bullshit when they see one.

7. Recruiters are the Lords of multitasking.

Recruiting is not a walk in the park. It’s a tedious job. You’ll have to juggle a lot of tasks all at the same time. But they are good at it. So, no matter how hectic work becomes, they will always find time for you.

8. Recruiters are easy to agree with.

Do you suck at making decisions? In other words, are you indecisive? Well, most recruiters are not. When it comes down to making a decision, they usually have a good idea what you would be happy with. 

9. Recruiters are confident.

Here’s the thing about recruiting: If you are not confident, you will definitely suck at it. If you are afraid to reach out to people, talk to them, persuade or convince them to take your offer seriously, then you will be a bad recruiter.  Confidence and recruitment go hand in hand. That’s why most recruiters are confident and personable. So, a few hours with a recruiter and some of their confidence is likely to rub off on you.

10. Recruiters never run out of patience.

Patience is an admirable trait amongst recruiters. Imagine how many rejections they get from the candidates they call or email every day? Plenty! They deal with all sorts of people, and that’s an arduous task. So, if you think you are a difficult person to deal with, easy peasy, a recruiter can handle you well. 

12. If you date a recruiter, you will never be out of work.

This is not a joke. Recruiters know their industry quite well. They know which jobs are in demand throughout the year. They also know other recruiters, so if you are ever out of work, they will put you in touch with the right person. 

If you’re trying to ask someone out and not sure how to do it, tag them in this as a subtle hint. 🙂