Today, LinkedIn is the ultimate professional’s identity online. It currently has over 350 million users worldwide and it is growing fast (with two new members signing up every second). Needless to say, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking.


Fast Facts About LinkedIn:

  • 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates;
  • 95 percent use LinkedIn to contact candidates;
  • 95 percent use LinkedIn to “keep tabs on” potential candidates;
  • 93 percent use LinkedIn to ‘vet candidates pre-interview (versus 32 percent on Facebook and 18 percent on Twitter);
  • 92 percent jobs on LinkedIn (versus 48 percent on Facebook and 39 percent on Twitter.


If you are a job-seeker, it is easy to convince you that you need a LinkedIn account (unless you’re a stubborn fellow). However, for some individuals who already have their jobs or are professionals with established or stable careers, the significance of LinkedIn in their professional lives might be a little bit difficult to be seen. Perhaps one might wonder and ask: “Won’t my boss think I’m looking for another job if I’m using LinkedIn?”

You are making a stupid mistake if you think LinkedIn is no longer a must for professionals or non job hunters, because it is still important. Here are the reasons why:

Professionals always have to network.

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If you are a recruiter, or is in sales, it is undeniable that you need professional networking sites like LinkedIn. However, for professionals not into marketing or outbound profession like sales, maintaining a LinkedIn account for networking purposes might not cross their heads.

But imagine the “what ifs”. What if you got laid off? And then you only have 15 people in your LinkedIn network (and most of them are your bummer college classmates). You know it is difficult to look for jobs nowadays, unless you have peers who could easily refer you. And your LinkedIn profile should have showcased your career development and competencies at the onset of your professional career!

You know it is better to dig your well before you need to drink from it. Same logic applies to your digital footprint as a professional… if you have been building your social equity with your network, you’ll draw much from it when you need it the most. So, stay in touch.

Opportunities come to those who…… work!

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Head-hunters are always on the look-out for experienced professionals. Source:

There are companies that hire contract recruiters to fill a job requisition. Companies that hire contract recruiters are not looking for the unemployed, they are looking for passive candidates they can steal or pillage from competitive companies.

These companies paying contract recruiters are willing to pay you more than what you are already earning now so you’d be convinced to join their company instead. So just imagine if you are not in LinkedIn. You are reducing your chance to be spotted by these head hunters and explore greater opportunities.

You can find value and connection in LinkedIn Groups and Pulse


If you are not aware, as most is, there are groups in LinkedIn. Groups in LinkedIn are more mature than in other networking sites in place (but also that depends on what group you are with in LinkedIn). Thought leaders in various industries are also in LinkedIn industry groups. Just imagine the knowledge and wisdom you could get from these groups. Also, participating in the discussions in the group could also be an effective avenue for you to begin your thought leadership and showcase your expertise. This can effectively increase value to your network and knowledge.

LinkedIn is a reliable online resume. 

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Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date will greatly help you when you write your new resume when you need it. Instead of looking at a blank paper and try to remember your start and stop dates, you will just have to check your profile and know. Also, employers believe that your LinkedIn profile is more accurate than any other online profile you have (refer to Fast Facts About LinkedIn above for insight)

It’s where the stream of updates from your industry flows.


Your LinkedIn homepage is also a stream of news from your industry, peers, and followings. And it is nice to know what your peers are reading, right?

Also, there is LInkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse is like a community blog. You can publish a post on a topic you want to talk about, or simply lurk, read, and comment on what other thought leaders are posting. However, if you are really good at what you do, take this as an opportunity to share what you are passionate about.

As a professional, think of your LinkedIn presence and activity as an investment and safety net. Widen and nurture your network, establish your thought leadership, and expand your opportunities with LinkedIn. So, it’s entirely up to you. Avoid LinkedIn at your peril.


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