Here’s a fact: Job search is daunting. Preparing your job hunt kit alone requires tremendous diligence – researching about prospective employers, building a clear, concise, and compelling personal brand through your resume, portfolio, and cover letter, and of course, preparing for examinations and interviews.

There’s a lot of anxiety on the part of the applicant during the job search, and the hiring process itself. Upon submitting your resume online, you begin to worry if your resume will stand out or not, or how long the process is going to take, or how soon you should follow up. As a friend of mine once said, “Okay lang ma-seenzone ako ng crush ko, ‘wag lang sa application sa trabaho.”

You probably have read, heard, or seen a lot of tips or advice on how to boost your chances of making it into a company’s shortlist for hiring. Perhaps you’ve done your best to apply those tips while you were writing your resume and cover letter, or when you were, or are, preparing for the interviews. The truth, however, is that things can get complicated when you consult the internet and everyone’s advice seems to point to different directions (because these tips or advice apply to varying contexts or situations).

So, the best thing to do before you decide which advice to follow is to look into what the recruitment industry isn’t readily telling you. Perhaps it’s time to clean up your social media accounts and give your resume one last proofread before sending it out, yes?

Here’s what the recruitment industry isn’t telling applicants like you, but thanks to our friends from BeHiring and Undercover Recruiter, here’s your chance to know!

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