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How to Overcome Post-Vacation Blues and Get Back to Work

And we’re back. After several days of eating, binge watching, cooking, gift-wrapping, and partying, we are once again back to our offices — working 8 hours a day, performing our daily routines, and meeting deadlines.

Getting back into the routine of work, school, or our daily life can be a source of distress, disorientation, and discomfort as you feel you cannot just settle back in. Indeed, for some people, post-vacation blues can result in a feeling that you no longer want to keep doing what you’re doing and all you can think about is making an enormous change to your life.

Don’t ya worry, with determination post-vacation blues can be overcome.


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Words Of Wisdom From Successful People To Guide You Through 2016

This 2016, we are hopeful about a lot of better things – better health, better opportunities, or a better career. When the New Year comes we make ourselves a number of promises or resolutions we hope would guide us through the coming year. And so we thought: Why not include words of wisdom from really successful people in our resolutions?

Success is not attained without going through pain and frustrations. Life, they say, is like playing chess…  you make forward-moves, but if you are to win the game, it is inevitable to move backwards sometimes. In fact, most successful people have been through a lot in life. They may not be so willing to share their wealth with us, but we can learn from them.

So, let’s expunge the bad thoughts and habits, and let the good ones in!


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TOP 20 SKILLS IN 2015 Feature

2015 Year in Review Series: In-demand Skills in 2015

As 2015 nears its end, we now look back into the trends in the workplace and understand how 2016 is going to look like for startups, small and midsize businesses, enterprises and professionals alike. Let’s plan ahead for success in 2016 by understanding which skills have been the most popular this year. Refreshing our skill set based on these demands will help us stay competitive in 2016.

IT Professionals, Still In-Demand

The world’s leading online workplace, Upwork, revealed the 20 most in-demand skills in 2015 based on the number of job posts in its database since January 2015. Here they are:


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Inspirational Quotes Feature

10 Inspirational Quotes To Pull You Up After A Rough Week

It’s December. We are once again going into a hiatus and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. That’s a bliss. But before that, we have to swim through a lot of year-end reports and project proposals. This is the time of the year when all of us become workaholics. Some of us would even explore extra sources of income because of course, it’s Christmas and we’ll be spending a lot of money for it.


So while you’re busy beating deadlines, finishing reports, crafting proposals, or sending out Thank You Cards for clients, remind yourself of these beautiful words of wisdom. Whenever you are tired, think about these advices. They’ll pull you up after a rough day.

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Feat work

8 Fake Illnesses That’ll Serve As Your Get-Out-Of-Work Ticket

Admit it. There are times you don’t feel like coming to work, or school, or anywhere except your bed. Whatever your reason may be, especially if your reason is not that legitimate (at least not according to labor laws), you’re gonna have to lie about it. So, you better lie gracefully and with dignity (if there’s such thing as ‘dignified lying’).

Look, I’m not saying you skip work. I’m just saying some people are simply creative and witty. Here’s a few of the best ‘ailments’ you can try getting so you could skip work! Check them out! 


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