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The Difference Between a CV and a Resume, and When to Use Which

I used to wonder what the difference is between a curriculum vita and a resume (aside from length). I mean, when do we use which? Where did these two kinds of document, very important documents, came from? How are these two used around the globe? I figured it out.

In the United Kingdom, curriculum vitae are widely used. In the United States and also here in the Philippines, the resume if the preferred one. Interestingly, in Australia, they commonly use both documents when applying for a job! Just to note, in the academia, the CV is the more preferred document of the two.

In this article, I’ll share with you the difference between the two and when to use which.


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9 Attributes That’ll Help You Succeed in Your Chosen Career

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar

No matter what our goals in life are, our careers will stretch through a series of jobs and life experiences that will allow us to polish our skills and fully develop our potentials. We have defining moments that set our core beliefs and test our capacity for determination, hard work, and persistence. All these mold us and form a vital part of who we are.  A successful rise up the corporate ladder involves a profound understanding of ourselves, always with openness to change and the lifelong necessity to evolve and adapt.


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sick of work

Your Work is Probably Making You Sick (Literally)

I had this conversation with an old friend while I was on the Lenten hiatus. Steven kept ranting about his daily routine, and how he ended up in a hospital bed a few months ago. I started the rantings. I was complaining about my left arm (it gets numb and a little painful sometimes). It turns out he’s been through worse.

Steven is an office staff by day (he’s an IT professional) and a gamer by night (he loves LAN games). He’d spend a day working on the desktop computer, and relax at night with his personal computer playing his favorite online game. That is how Steven’s typical day looks like.

Until one day, a prickling pain shoots in his wrist and up his arm. Steven ignored it, and for months maintained his day-to-day activities, until he realized his pain is just getting worse. He later found out, he’s got what is generally referred to as Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI.


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Fresher Resume Guide: How to Write a Resume If You Have No Work Experience Yet

College graduation is in the horizon. Soon, our fresh graduates will start looking for their first job (now I feel a little bit nostalgic). For fresh graduates, job hunting can be a little tougher than for ‘seasoned’ job hunters. Of course, the first challenge for any fresh graduate is writing their resume. How should I write my resume given that I have no work experience yet?

Oh, I’ve been there (although my case is a little bit different).

If you’ve been wondering how to make a resume with no experience, stop worrying. Writing a resume with no work experience is different to a normal resume, but it’s easier than it looks.

By the way, a resume for individuals with no work experience is called “fresher resume”.


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