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What Must We Learn From Singapore’s IT Talent Shortage?

Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision is set to face a supply shortage of information and communications (ICT) professionals. The Straits Times reported that Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) admitted that while there are over 150,000 IT professionals working in Singapore in 2014, approximately 15,000 vacancies could not be filled.

The Jurong Lake District in Singapore will be used as a trial area for Singapore's ambitious Smart Nation plan. Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore
TOWARDS A SMARTER NATION. The Jurong Lake District in Singapore will be used as a trial area for Singapore’s ambitious Smart Nation plan. Source: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore Via:

By 2017, another 15,000 specialists might be required as SG’s Smart Nation Program will be needing more and more IT specialists in the fields such as cyber security, data analytics, and applications development.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore said they are already shaving a hard time finding IT professionals. With its Smart Nation Program, Singapore will face a 30,000 talent deficit by 2017.


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recruitment firm

How to Choose the Best Recruitment Agency – As a Candidate

Last time we talked about whether you should use a recruitment agency to find a job or not. We established the fact that recruitment/staffing/employment agencies are a thing of the present as more and more employers are turning to them for help. Moreover, for technical positions like IT and engineering, employers heavily rely on recruitment/staffing agencies for their human resource needs.

In a nutshell, here are the reasons why recruitment agencies are good for you:

  • More and more employers use them; they have the network. Thus, they can provide you limitless career opportunities.
  • They are industry leaders, they are industry experts, (meaning they know the trends, updates, and prospects of the industry); they can give you beneficial career insight.
  • They have a stake in your success, for if you look bad, they’ll look bad. So, they’ll do everything to prep you up for any potential job opportunity.


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5 Career Tips For Every IT Professional

Most people have no idea what many of the IT job titles mean, and even career advisers can be surprisingly clueless when it comes to IT careers! Indeed, jobs related to information technology are among the most misunderstood job titles in the world.

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One of the greatest misconceptions about information technology professionals is that they are “jack-of-all-trades” — that they can fix anything that runs on electricity. Many think that IT professionals, as they are jack-of-all-trades, can succeed easily in IT without even trying. Well, that could be true in the 90s, but not today.

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Information technology is a cut-throat fast-paced world as technology constantly revolutionizes. Having been emerged in the IT industry over two decades, we’ve got a pretty good grasp of the trends in the industry, especially the difficulties IT professionals face vis-a-vis career development. So, here’s a few tips for all the IT professionals out there.


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RF Feature

Should You Use a Recruitment Agency to Find a Job?

Most of my contemporaries have expressed negative impressions about using recruitment or staffing firms in finding a job. Indeed, job seeking through recruitment/staffing firms qualifies under the many contentious topics in human resource.

If you’ve used recruitment agencies before no doubt your opinions will range from some are good, some bad and “OMG! Seriously? Why did I bother?”.

In this post, we’ll talk about how they can help you and more importantly how you can help yourself get the best out of the services they offer.


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Tech Authorities

10 Tech Blogs To Bookmark This 2016

It’s 2016, and this is an exciting year for all the tech-savvy millennial out there. Aside from NASA’s awesome space explorations this 2016, and Apple’s move to abandon the headphone jack in its iPhone 7 (so we’ve heard), there are a lot to anticipate from the tech industry this year.

Do you want to always be the first to know the latest news and updates in the tech industry? I do. So, how do we stay updated and in-the-trend? We follow, and read the most trusted tech blogs!


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