LinkedIn is a community. It is a massive community of 450 million users (with 2 new members signing up every second) worldwide. It is a powerful community or platform for connecting with industry peers and other people who might add value to our knowledge and professional network. With LinkedIn’s blogging feature, anyone can also grow their thought leadership or learn from others in the LinkedIn community.

Fast Facts About LinkedIn:

  • 96 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates;
  • 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to contact candidates;
  • 93 percent of recruiters use  LinkedIn to “keep tabs on” potential candidates;
  • 92 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to ‘vet candidates’ pre-interview (versus 32 percent on Facebook and 18 percent on Twitter);
  • 91 percent of recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn (versus 48 percent on Facebook and 43 percent on Twitter);

Yes, you can get plenty of benefits from LinkedIn if you are doing networking the right way. You can meet people who may have great opportunities for you, or opportunities may find you.