The information technology (IT) industry in the Philippines continues to grow. Along with this, are IT-enabled industries that embrace and depend on the power of technology. It is for this reason that the need for IT talent continues to grow exponentially.

Sysgen is an IT Staffing Company that has been providing excellent IT staffing services for the past 25 years. Over the years, we have serviced thousands of companies in the Philippines. These long years of experience in the industry enabled us to identify the common problems and difficulties in technology recruiting.

Allow us to share some of those problems.


High Demand for, but Low Supply of I.T. Talent

The increasing demand for IT talent is here to stay. The challenge, however, is maintaining a supply that can keep up with the demand. Demand is dependent on the continuous growth of information technology, while, supply is dependent on the amount of new IT professionals who enter the job market… and that is where the problems lie.

A long term solution to this demand-supply gap would be to produce more graduates and improve the curricula. A short term solution, on the other hand, is to build a database and a continuous pipeline of candidates.

Inadequate Database

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from various companies is that their database does not serve their purpose and is not adequate to help them find the right talent they need. Common problems revolve around the size and quality of the database, as well as the ability to perform Boolean searches and parse through resumes. Growing your database takes time and effort. It also takes good technology and processes to make the best use of your database.

Slow Recruiting Velocity

Your IT needs are critical and urgent because an unfilled IT position might cause you and your business either lost opportunities or lost revenue. ‘Time to fill’, a recruiting metric, is critical for that same reason that an extended time of an unfilled position means increasing opportunity costs (i.e. lost revenues and unaddressed business issues). Unfilled IT positions over a long period of time hamper the optimal productivity of your firm.

Lack of Knowledge and Expertise in Technology Recruitment

One of the most common problems in information technology recruiting is the lack of knowledge and understanding of IT jobs and related technology terms such as programming languages, and operating systems among others.

Needless to say, it is essential that the Recruiter has a clear knowledge and understanding of what the job is. This is crucial for finding and sourcing top talent with the right skills and proven experiences. A good knowledge of the technology industry is a cornerstone in effectively matching the top talents with the right companies.  After all, it is said, ‘you do not understand, what you do not know.’

With its long years of experience and leadership in the IT staffing industry, Sysgen has managed to hurdle these challenges. At Sysgen, we keep an updated and comprehensive pipeline of candidates, consolidated by our highly skilled and knowledgeable IT recruiters, we effectively conquer the challenge of ‘high demand for’ but ‘low supply of’ quality IT professionals, and the very slow recruitment velocity that comes with the demand-supply gap. Sysgen’s proven methodology combined with its vast database of IT professionals, in effect, address these four major challenges of technology recruitment effectively.

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