As 2015 nears its end, we now look back into the trends in the workplace and understand how 2016 is going to look like for startups, small and midsize businesses, enterprises and professionals alike. Let’s plan ahead for success in 2016 by understanding which skills have been the most popular this year. Refreshing our skill set based on these demands will help us stay competitive in 2016.

IT Professionals, Still In-Demand

The world’s leading online workplace, Upwork, revealed the 20 most in-demand skills in 2015 based on the number of job posts in its database since January 2015. Here they are:


In a recent Talent Shortage Survey by a leading workforce solutions provider, IT professionals are ranked 9th in the Top 10 jobs employers are having difficulty filling around the globe. Having said that, the increasing demand for IT professionals and the lack of supply thereof is a great opportunity for every IT professionals to seize.

The study also revealed that the main reasons IT professionals remain to be one of the most difficult positions to fill are lack of interested applicants, and secondly, lack of skills. As such, it is highly encouraged that IT professionals continuously seek training and education to sharpen their skill set and stay updated with the trends in information technology.

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